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What is this site about?

The site's purpose is for collected observations of the technology of the Star Wars universe as shown in the CGI series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, with perhaps the occasional comparative note to the Star Wars films and novelizations thereof.  From blasters to droideka to turbolasers and from shields to clonetrooper armor to binoculars, this should end up a one-stop shop to find out the most interesting details of Star Wars technology and how it is used.

Note well that the "Expanded Universe" books are not valid materials in the film or CGI series timeline and are thus ignored for the purpose of this analysis, save for sporadic notes of particular interest.

Why "No Letters Home"?

The Star Wars: The Clone Wars CGI series features stories of a fictional war between purpose-bred test tube clones, constructed war automatons, and the quasi-orphan masters of both.

Commanding the Republic's mass-produced clone troopers are the Jedi, who are taken from their homes as infants due to their biological propensity for the Force. Commanding the Separatist's mass-produced battle droids is Dooku, former Jedi, and General Grievous, a hybridized modified man-droid residing on a deserted planet.

Playing as head of both sides we have Palpatine, a man who killed his master and presumable father figure.

Thus very few combatants would have a home and hearth to yearn for, or a family to write to and miss. Compared to other real and fictional wars, that leaves the feeling of something strangely soulless about this one. And yet, at the same time, that makes it all the sadder.

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